Embracing the Season of Hope

 As spring blossoms and brings a sense of renewal, we at Habitat for Humanity Ozaukee are excited to embark on our thirteenth home build in Port Washington this August. Spring into Hope: Building Dreams, Building Homes is not just a campaign - it's an opportunity for the community to unite and make a lasting impact on the lives of a deserving family.


Each of us holds the right to a brighter future, and together, we can make that a reality for a new Habitat homeowner. The cost of this transformative build is estimated at $200,000, and we currently require an additional $80,000 to bring this vision to fruition.

Diana Eggold, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity Ozaukee, conveyed, "Our goal of bringing this home to fruition for a deserving local family is within reach. Securing the necessary funds prior to commencing construction will alleviate significant pressure, ensuring that we can proceed with confidence knowing the resources are available to cover the costs."

We invite you to join hands with us in bringing hope to a local family by contributing to this meaningful cause. Your support will play a pivotal role in constructing this new home and provide a foundation for stability and optimism for a new Habitat family.

Can you help us achieve our goal with a generous donation today? Donations can be made online at https://bit.ly/HFHOZSPRINGINTOHOPE , or by sending a check to Habitat for Humanity Ozaukee, 2360 Dakota Drive, Grafton WI 53024.

Jose grew up in a Habitat family home. He beautifully encapsulates the impact of our mission: "It's easy to stay stuck in poverty. To think outside of the scope of poverty is hard. So, when you have a hand up — what Habitat offers — that hand up turns out to be a different kind of inheritance: hope."

Regardless of our backgrounds, we all deserve a decent life, the assurance of strength and stability, and the power to shape our own futures. This spring, Habitat for Humanity Ozaukee invites you to be part of a transformative journey that goes beyond housing construction to building lives.

Help us make this spring a season of hope and optimistic change. Your contribution today matters.


First Hand Overview: Learn about the Process from our Newest Homeowners in Ozaukee County!

Habitat for Humanity - Ozaukee is dedicated to the enrichment of our local community. By helping under-served residents realize their dream of home ownership, we help families and children achieve strength, self-reliance and stability. A house is more than a home and when you help families achieve their goal of home ownership the benefits to our community are boundless!


Strong and stable homes help to build strong and stable communities.
A decent place to live and an affordable mortgage create a situation where homeowners can save more, invest in education, pursue opportunity and have more financial stability. It can remove barriers to opportunities, success and health that might have been part of a family's life for years, if not generations. 


Investments in affordable housing are repaid in the form of stronger local economies; a stable, skilled workforce; a working social safety net and revitalized neighborhoods.


With a little help, we all have the potential to stand on our own.

     Strength             Stability          Self-Reliance          Shelter

12 New Homes = 12 Empowered Habitat Families

Starting with the first Habitat home completed in 2003, we have built 12 new homes alongside Ozaukee County families. Habitat home building efforts and new homeowners have contributed nearly $450,000 to the economy through local land development and building expenditures, taxes and fees, educational costs, retail spending and other economic activity.


For more news about Habitat and our project updates, see what we've been building HERE.

ReStore Donations

 We partner with the Habitat for Humanity - Milwaukee ReStore for donations and deconstruction. By donating gently used furniture, appliances and home goods to Habitat ReStore, you can make a difference in the lives of local families. The ReStore sells these donated items to the public, raising funds to help our organization build safe, affordable homes in our community.


The pick-up services are free, but need to be scheduled ahead of time. Additionally, there are deconstruction services to salvage reusable items like kitchen cabinets from residential and commercial properties. We also partner with businesses that are moving, remodeling, or liquidating inventory. 


Our volunteers are the heart of Habitat. We have a variety of volunteer opportunities that can leverage your talents or help you develop new skills.These range from construction and building support to fundraising, marketing and community outreach and behind-the-scenes help to keep our Habitat community efforts humming along.Training and orientation are provided. Click HERE to learn more.

Home Preservation

In addition to building homes with families of low and modest income, we also offer home repairs to families in need of assistance, improving their homes so they can care for the elderly, handicapped, veterans or supporting other needs so they maintain a dignified lifestyle. Learn more here.

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